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See how Washington employers are improving lives and strengthening communities.

MOD Pizza


MOD is not your typical pizza joint. Their unique one-price strategy - regardless of how many toppings you put on it - is the ultimate “have it your way.” And that doughy, cheesy disc of deliciousness is made possible by “impact hiring” that gives people who might not otherwise be employable a chance at a fresh start working at MOD.

“MOD exists to serve people.

We do this by spreading

MODness, which is defined

as the ripple effect

of simply doing

the right thing.”

- Ally Svenson,

  Co-founder, MOD Pizza


In parts of Africa, the word “alaffia” is a common greeting that means a state of peace, health and well-being. Alaffia the company is using fair trade shea butter and coconut oil to create jobs in Washington state and in the African nation of Togo, literally bringing health and well-being to thousands of women and their children.

“In the country where

I come from, Togo,

the people simply

need to have a job.

And if they have a job,

then they can

help themselves.

- Olowo-n’djo Tchala,

  Founder and CEO, Alaffia



Lampson International makes really big cranes, including the gigantic Transi-Lift that spans the length of one and two-thirds football fields and lifts 3,000 tons. With 300 mobile cranes worldwide, they are making a huge impact on the global construction industry.
But back at home in the Tri-Cities, Lampson is doing heavy lifting of a different kind.

“There is so much red tape,

it takes a long time to get anything permitted.

When you’re in our industry, you need to be able to react quickly to your customers

to stay competitive

and create jobs.”

- Kate Lampson,

  Director of PR & Communications,

  Lampson International

The McGregor Company

For over 100 years, The McGregor Company has worked with farm families in Washington state and throughout the Northwest to help them grow abundant crops. The company is driven by its commitment to its employees, the environment, to rural communities and the farm families it serves.

“There’s a sense of heritage you have here,

a sense the land matters,

a sense you’re doing something important.

I think that’s a vital part of

what this state is about.”

- Alex McGregor,

  President, The McGregor Company

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