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The McGregor Company

"There’s something special

  in these rural areas, and

  something special about


- Alex McGregor


  The McGregor Company


The McGregor Company is a 100-year-old Eastern Washington agriculture company that’s stubbornly committed to preserving small towns and supporting farm families.

As the largest independent fertilizer, agri-chemical and equipment dealer in the Pacific Northwest, McGregor works with Washington’s farm families every day to help them survive and prosper in an industry rife with challenges, from the weather and the uncertainty of global markets to numerous rules and regulations.

“Agriculture is the largest employer in the state of Washington, and yet it’s fundamentally a family enterprise,” says company President Alex McGregor.

And it’s deeply committed to small towns, as was evidenced when McGregor helped revive the tiny community of LaCrosse after it lost its only bank, grocery store and restaurant to closure and a fire that destroyed its hardware store.

“We have a stubborn belief in small towns,” McGregor says. “To know people around the area, to build strong friendships. There’s something pretty special about these small towns.”

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