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Schilling Cider

"The cider industry is    building jobs and a stronger  economy."

- Colin Schilling


  Schilling Cider


Three years ago, Colin Schilling quit his day job and started making hard cider.


“I really wanted to take a passion of mine and turn it into a business,” Schilling said.


Today, Schilling Hard Cider is on the leading edge of the fast-growing hard cider industry thanks to its emphasis on innovation and sustainability while maintaining the core business values of Colin’s Great-Great-Grandfather August Schilling, founder of the Schilling Spice Company.


They only use 100 percent fresh-pressed apples from eastern Washington and never back sweeten their products. This means patrons can enjoy a hard cider without artificial sweeteners, colors, or ingredients. They source nearly all of their other ingredients from Washington, too.


For Schilling Hard Cider, the business is more than just a company. It’s a community of employees who love cider, love food and love — and want to protect — the great outdoors.

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