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Seattle Chocolates

"If the cost of doing business  increases, it affects our  ability to grow and create  jobs."

- Jean Thompson

  CEO & Owner

  Seattle Chocolates


Seattle Chocolates CEO Jean Thompson understands that chocolate is more than just a treat. 


From the moment visitors step through the over-size pink double-door entry and read the lobby's “Like you, Fabulous" neon sign, to a trio of mannequins clothed in gowns inspired by bright chocolate bar wrappers, it's immediately clear that this business reflects the style and sensibility of its owner.


Thompson took over as CEO in 2002, and began introducing unique products like “Chick Chocolates” (varieties included “Strong Chick,” “Nutty Chick,” and “Extreme Chick”), and manufacturing Choxie Chocolates for Target. “I introduced color to the brand,” Thompson said.


They've also introduced a new line of couture chocolate under the name jcoco, with unique flavors like black fig pistachio and Vanuatu coconut pecan. And with each purchase of a jcoco product, Seattle Chocolates donates a fresh, healthy serving of food to someone in need.


One more example of how chocolate is more than just treat.

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