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Eco Chemical

"We take great pride in our  role as an employer, sharing  our prosperity with our  employees and contributing  to the Northwest economy."

- Mark Cheirrett


  Eco Chemical


After working for years in the paint industry, Mark Cheirett left the business because he didn’t like what the toxic materials were doing to his health.

Years later, he and his business partner went into the laboratory and invented a line of environmentally friendly, water-soluble paints, and Eco Chemical was born.


Innovation kept coming. Mark and his wife Peg then discovered that they could concentrate their product and package it in boxes, reducing the environmental footprint and cost of shipping.


Eco Chemical then set out to solve a sports problem: How do you mark a synthetic athletic field with paint that’s durable enough to stand up to heavy use and bad weather, but can be quickly removed when it’s time to reconfigure the field for a different sport?


Solving this challenge led to Eco Chemical's patented Eco Templine, which is now used on countless professional, college and high school fields around the nation.

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